1. jbldr

    Successful Catalina Installation Notes

    Successful set up of Hackintosh for Catalina 2020-05-23. My system definition is under my Mojave install comments. I've used TonyMacx86 instructions to set up Sierra, Mojave and now Catalina. Catalina is installed on the same equipment I used for Mojave. I'm sharing these notes as it may be of...
  2. Xbit18

    How to transfer successful HDD install on SSD?

    Hi everyone, I finally managed to install High Sierra on a spare HDD I had laying around. Audio works, ethernet works, GPU card works and is recognized by the system. It seems to work perfectly so far. Now, let's say I want to "transfer" this installation on an SSD bought specifically for this...
  3. elgydium

    Yosemite Successful mobos

    Hey, can someone tell me which motherboards are hassle free with sleep working for a perfectly clean Yosemite? I'm one step away from buying a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI, but I'm not entirely sure. Just a little heads up, as to what mobo is praised since Yosemite was released. EDIT: Just installed...