studio build

  1. DeColo

    Focusrite 2i2 Audio Interface Issues

    Hi all, Got my audio recording hackintosh set up and running but have an issue keeping me from recording and playing anything through my Focusrite 2i2 interface. Whenever I play audio there is a very loud crackling/static. I went to preferences and double checked that the interface was selected...
  2. AJ-Afterparty

    Thunderbolt 3, Coffee Lake 8700K, Apollo Interfaces

    I'm looking and looking, I'm not getting a clear answer. Trying to build a reliable Coffee Lake system with thunderbolt 2/3 for my Apollo Twin audio interface. Is this possible? IF SO... is this the right combo? Intel 8700k Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (rev 1.0) mobo macOS Sierra (not...
  3. Confused730

    Help with components

    (please tell me if I need to move this, I don't use this site regularly so I'm not sure where I post stuff) Hey all, I'm looking to build a hackintosh for music production (Logic Pro x) as well as infrequent video editing (premier pro) and some gaming, and I've put together some components...
  4. EvanU5

    Hackintosh Advice (Studio Build)

    Looking for some advice. So, I would like to build a hackintosh because I record a lot of music and I prefer the apple OS for recording. I'm looking for some advice on picking parts for it. I'm picking most of the part from the custom Mac Pro build because I don't know anything about...