1. jackowski

    Playback skips and freezes in iMovie and Davinci Resolve.

    Hi, Until now, I used MacMini 2012 with 2.5 GHz i5 processor, 16GB RAM, SSD and Intel HD4000 graphics. I build my Hackintosh to improve iMovie editing. I am very pleased with the overall operation and stability. I thought the new Hackintosh would be much faster than my old Mac Mini (i7 8th gen...
  2. finefuturity

    [Not Solved] Audio skips randomly? [Realtek ALC887]

    Hello all! I've been at this issue for a few weeks now, and have gotten nowhere after trying and applying various things. Basically, what happens is whenever I play audio, it will skip randomly. I've tried to find a rhyme or reason to it by peeking in when it happens, but have come...