1. silvercentrurion

    BCM94352Z not working after 6months, no reason

    Hi all ! i have a hackintosh since a will now working perfectly but since 2 days i start my computer and Wi-Fi not working anymore ! The bluethoot never works, but the wifi do, and i dont try to update my system or install new kext or whatever .... I'm running Dell Inspiron 7759, OSX El...
  2. xavlegrav

    Mainboard change. Can I save my running hackintosh?? P55->Z87

    Hello, I have change my mainboard and my processor. I had a gigabyte P55 UD5 with an i5 750 running under mac Os 10.6.8. I change the mainboard to Z87 UD5. I try to start my Os HD but I could not boot. I try with rboot and got until the apple (-x -f -v). But the system hang out. Have anyone...