1. lemonade

    Work around for windows BSOD acpi_bios_error on UX410 Win10/Catalina dualboot

    Situation: - Asus UX410 with one 128GB SSD and one 1TB SATA - The system is installed with Win10 on one physical SSD and MacOS and Catalina on the SATA physical disk. - Using OpenCore 0.6.2 - The system was giving BSOD acpi_bios_error when I switch from Win 10 to MacOC using OpenCore bootloader...
  2. DaveQB


    How to dual boot Mavericks and 14.04 Hi, After I haven't to get dual booting using grub2 I am now trying rEFInd. But no easy feat. I have posted over on the rEFInd sourceforge page the...