realtek 892

  1. Intifant

    Solved > No Audio past new installation of Mojave

    Installed macOS 10.14.5 on a new Hackintosh. MB GA Z97-HD3 with firmware F8. Prozessor I5-4460, Graphics Intel HD4600. Installation with Unibeast without any problem. Multibeast completed successfully with the attached parameters.System is running as expected. I wanted to add audio as described...
  2. ColBo

    Realtek 892 driver problem

    My Yosemite Hackintosh was working fine until I enabled Realtek 892 driver in multibeast and enabled audio device in my Z87-HD3 bios - Now i cant boot up - just freezes during start up ! - how can i dissable it ? - or enable the correct driver ?
  3. Artedreage

    Artedreage Skylake Build

    Artedreage Skylake Build Asus Z170-A | Intel Core i7-6700 | Gigabyte GTX 960 4GB About This Mac 10.13.3 by Artedreage posted Feb 27, 2018 at 10:06 AM Contents Preface Build Components Peripherals Comments Installation Preparation BIOS settings Installing Post installation MultiBeast Clover...
  4. ironsmith

    Annoying noise in speakers

    Hi!, I'm very new in this world of Hackintosh, this is my first time installing macOS Sierra on my computer. After having installed the kexts corresponding to my computer, when connecting the speakers to the audio output, they start to produce annoying noise, this noise is constant and only...
  5. blackspy619

    Only Digital Output available instead of internal speakers

    hello, I have been experimenting with hackintosh for a while now, and just recently installed a fresh install of 10.8.0. Im running an MSI GT683r laptop with no DSDT (as I dont know how to do this) and have a working install. In all the other versions ive installed in the past, (10.5-7) I've...