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  1. Scrumpz

    Same partition with real macbook and pc

    Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to make the same partition for MacBook/PC with macOS Multi/UniBeast Off/On ? I know it's possible to break UEFI in a real MacBook, but, if I turn off UniBeast, the partition MacOS can be good for real Mac? Thanx :)
  2. sessionpeschen

    Original firmware for MacBook 6,1 needed

    Hi folks, I messed up my wifes MacBook by installing a MBP EFI update. After restart it did not recognize USB, trackpad and keyboard (Sierra booted); they are recognized fine in the boot loader screen or when having El Capitan installed. As Apple did never release a firmware update for that...
  3. musisean

    Large volume of hard drive is not compatible between hackintosh and real mac?

    Hi, I am testing switching hard drive between real mac and Hackintosh. Because I need to use specific large size hard drive on both computer. Do they are not compatible with large volume of hard drive? When I install 6TB and 4TB hard drive that I've used in mac pro to Hackintosh, it doesn't...
  4. musisean

    The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer

    Dear all, It is first time to post here and I'd appreciated to find answer. I have two macs which are one real mac pro(2010) and hackintosh new mac(Built with Z170 Disignare + 6700K). I setup hackintosh almost and it is time to move hard drive(data) from real mac pro to new hackintosh I...
  5. Indrajit

    How to boot my Hackintosh like a real macbook pro or air retina?

    How to boot my Hackintosh like a real macbook pro or air retina? Please if anyone knows help!!!!!!!! With the black screen and white apple logo and also my apple boot logo is stretched searched a lot but did not find any solution.
  6. rickbob66

    ***why is this not 1st in every forum***

    DO NOT HACKINTOSH YOUR REAL MACINTOSH or alternatively Do not do ..... I see two post buy guys that screwed there macs up with multi-beast using all options and both stated they should have known better. How??? I searched on google for hours trying to find something on the matter and the fact is...