probook 430 g2


    HP Probook Mojave Boot stuck at ACPI Exception AE_BAD_PARAMETER

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Mojave on my laptop HP Probook 430 G3 (i7-6500U, HD 520, 16GB RAM). I had followed the Clover guide by RehabMan but stuck at the following error. Please help me fix this!!! Thanks

    KP while booting macOS Big Sur installer

    Can anyone please decrypt this KP for me? I'm trying to boot macOS Big Sur on my Skylake HP Probook G3 (i7-6200U + HD 520, 16GB RAM)
  3. lucas1188

    HP Probook 430 G3 Core i5 (6200U) SKYLAKE

    Hi there guys ! I wanted to ask any one of you who might have hackintoshed their Probook 430 G3. Any info will be appreciated, like any obstacles you encountered and how you solved it or point to the right direction for me to read. I'm planning on following this well known Guide >...
  4. MileM

    HP ProBook 430 G2 ??

    Hi, what is best version for my HP ProBook 430 G2? I'm read some texts about my ProBook and my WiFi card have two cables-ant on it. (cards with one ant cable don't work).
  5. noreye

    Probook 430 G2 success stories?

    Probook 430 G2 success!! So by chance, my work has 3 Probook 430 G2 units as 'field laptops' so I took one out for the weekend and decided to try and install Mavericks on it :) All I have to say is everything works and it is blazingly fast. The specs of the unit I have on loan is: i5-4210U...