1. BlvckBytes

    << Solved >> Hackintosh does not use the OC from BIOS

    Hey! So I have an i7 5820K overclocked to something like 4.5GHz, but High Sierra only uses 3.3GHz all the time, because thats what shows up in the Overview Window - "3,31 GHz 6-Core Intel Xenon". I also have downloaded Intel's Power-Gadget to monitor the CPUs frequency, and even when I run...
  2. Thorsager

    Nvidia 760 High Sierra web driver fan noise

    Hi there everyone I hope someone can help me with my gfx fan noise problem! The card is a ASUS GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU Mini and is recognised and supported OOB in both El Capitan and High Sierra. I have a fairly old I7 sandy bridge setup (asus p8h67-I motherboard), that has been serving...
  3. twarh

    Mavericks on ThinkPad E320 - Power Management/Overheating/Battery Life Woes

    Hi all. I just got into the Hackintosh scene a couple of weeks ago, and got 2 Hackintosh builds up and running from doing a lot of reading on tonymacx86, Reddit/r/Hackintosh,OSXLatitude, InsanelyMac… I got a Desktop configured, which was relatively easy compared to getting OSX running on my...
  4. BumbbleBee

    Power Management Not working HP Pavilion Help!

    Hi, I just followed the tutorial here about power management. I installed the latest ProBook Installer 6.1.7 then select only the SSDT. After that I Uncheck the GenerateCStates and the GeneratePStates then check the DropSSDT. After that I restart but im not sure If i got it right. because it...