1. computerparts

    .plist files can no longer be opened 10.13.6

    I'm having a weird issue. I can no longer open .plist files in Clover Configurator. Even new one made from CC can't be opened. The open is greyed out if i right click, and when I force select it I get an error: "The document "config.plist" could not be opened. Clover Configurator cannot open...
  2. KR13

    HELP: Sierra - config.plist for MSI X99A Gaming Pro Carbon / i7-6800 / GTX 1080

    PLEASE someone help me setup the proper config.plist for my build. All these options in Clover Configurator are driving me INSANE and I don't have the hours upon hours to spend working on this, aside from the fact I've never done this before and all of this is brand new to me. Right now, all I...
  3. damaja

    Annoying startup after chameleon edit

    Hello all I am having a problem everytime I boot into OSX now that is really just starting to drive me crazy. I wanted to edit the chameleon .plist so I would have a nice clean Mac Windows boot GUI. So following a post I saw here on the forums about adding a few lines to acheive this. I made a...