nvidia problem

  1. MitchTee

    [Solved] PLEASE HELP Black screen after nvidia install high sierra

    Im at the end of my tether. It doesn't matter how many guides I follow, I just can't get it to work. Brand new build, I chose parts off the parts list in the thought I might be able to sail through the process. Everything seems great except graphics. I've followed the guide on here, put lilu and...
  2. kadir-gunel

    2 Nvidia GPUs on 10.12.4

    Hello, I have 2 GPUs one of them is gtx 970 (maxwell) and the other one is 1080ti (pascal). I have a fresh install. And I used the proper web drive. But the system recognizes only 970 and for the 1080ti it shows NVRAM 256MB. Is anyone having similar issues ? I searched a little bit and for El...
  3. KSDER98

    Configuration hackintosh sierra

    Hi guys, I have this components: CPU: i5 4690k Motherboard: MSI H97 Gaming Pro Video card: gtx 1070 amp extreme edition 1 HDD with OS X 1 SSD with Windows 10 I have already installed OS X but I have some graphics error. for example glitches when I open folders and application. I used the guide...
  4. Kinkade73

    [SOLVED] Nvidia GTX 760 only showing 7mb of Vram

    I recently updated my Hackintosh to MacOS Sierra, using unibeast and multibeast, and it almost entirely works... Except that there are a lot of weird graphical glitches and flickering, and the screen (normally 4k) is limited to 1600x1200. In system info, it says that the Nvidia card only has 7mb...
  5. DSP316

    The nearer my destination...the more I'm slip sliding away!

    Beginner trying to get my feet wet. Thank you for the excellent guides and resources here. It's been an adventure-trying to get El Capitan on Dell XPS 8300 Core i7, 12 GB RAM, GeForce GTX560Ti (OEM)-trying first on external USB drive. Clover (first from here and then updated online on EFI...
  6. Saimon13

    [PROBLEM] Weird screen on some video players

    Hello few days ago I got my hackintosh up and running, sadly it has 2 issues that I do not like: 1. Sound sometimes glitches out for some reason, just starts to chop as hell or stops playing. (Not the main problem but a fix would be appreciated) 2. AND IMPORTANT ONE. I get this (see image)...