not booting properly

  1. Alltimbeat

    While Booting from Clover, Stuck on Apple

    Hello, I just updated my graphic card to Nvidia GT 710 from a GT 430 so I can update my computer to High Sierra from Sierra. I started a whole new setup for High Sierra, and I ran into a problem. Once I try booting my Mac from the Clover menu, it stops on the Apple without loading. What do you...
  2. umangloria

    plz help!!Mac Partition is not detected after repartitioning

    Hello guys, I have proper running el capitain on my sony vaio laptop which is configured to dual boot it with windows 10.but yesterday i have created new partition by shrinking one of present other partition.and then after i am not able to boot into MAC or its recovery logo shows...
  3. someperson

    Hackintosh Not Booting Properly No Matter What I Do. HELP!

    Hi all, My hackintosh has not been booting properly for the past two weeks. I have tried using my recovery USB drive, as well as booting in safe and verbose modes with no success. Below are pictures of the kernal panics I have received First off is what happens when I turn my computer on...