native instruments

  1. mrmeister

    Need some help with Native Access

    Hello, I have my Hackintosh up and running using Opencore 0.5.8, and macOS 10.15.3 (not going higher due to Avid Pro Tools support). I am having an issue where I cannot open and install Native Access by Native Instruments. I would just like to download additional software, but I can't even...
  2. AJ-Afterparty

    Logic Pro X (Heavy duty music production build)

    Hi guys! im a total no0b at hackintosh, but have been peeking around forums and videos and think I have built up enough courage to dive into hack land. Looking to build a beast computer to run many many native plugins, virtual synths like serum, and NI massive and hoards of kontakt sampled...
  3. Bkido

    Sound & Performance Issues in 10.9

    Hi, yesterday I installed OS X 10.9 which worked fine after using a custom Bios and DSTD-Profile. My first Problem now is that my Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 Sound controller is only working in setup and at the first boot before Multibeast configuration. After booting with the...