1. makproductions06

    Error installing Clover with Multibeast

    Catalina 10.15.7 MultiBeast 12.3 MultiBeast choices attached. Destination files system type: APFS MultiBeast Log Attached install.log contents for the choices that you are installing - Not sure where to get this. Just getting an installation failed error.
  2. iaomw

    MultiBeast 10.4 failed to install drivers, especially ALC898

    MultiBeast 10.4 destructed my drivers, there are more than one problem. I didn't count on them. The audio for ALC898 is totally gone. Please bring back MultiBeast 10.3. I need it to save my audio. DH77DF+3770s+GTX1060 with macOS 10.13.6 / Clover 4458
  3. Quantum-UK

    OS X Yosemite Chimera boot loader doesn't show up & Kernel Panics...

    Hi everyone. Im really new to the hackintosh scene so technically I'm still a beginner. I managed to install Yosemite on a new HDD (my main hd untouched win7) using Unibeast. Since then iv tried to fix the booting issues (GraphicsEnabler=No maxmem=4096 were a must) by using the Multibeast...