mouse & keyboard

  1. gogagubi1

    Keyboard, mouse, trackpad don't work during installation on hp elitebook 8560w

    Hi Guys. Really need your help. I installed Mac OS Mojave on my desktop PC(Asus motherboard) successfully. I still have some Graphics driver issue, but the main part of installation was done. Now I have been trying to install same OS, with the same installer usb on the Hp Elitbook 8560w. I was...
  2. dmsmith90

    Catalina - mouse glitching / lagging

    So, this was a new one with my hackintosh. Booted up just fine this afternoon, but my iCue couldn't detect my keyboard (although it still worked), and Logitech software identified the wrong mouse. No big deal, I don't care that much about my RGB profiles, so I didn't think much of it. THEN, it...
  3. Kaspian

    Mouse & Keyboard not responding at login post-Multibeast 10.4

    Hi all, I am setting up my first Hackintosh (with High Sierra 10.13.6) and am having troubles after installing the drivers in Multibeast 10.4. The system crashes upon restart after the Multibeast procedure. I managed to get past the crash by adding FakeID:0x12345678 in Clover options. But now...
  4. chstp666

    help..stuck at language selection screen.mouse and keyboard don't work

    i use the unibeast,at first time i can pass the language selection.but it's stuck at language selection screen at the second time,i don't know why,and i tried the way i searched(usbinjectall.kext,XHCI,genericUSBXCHI and the config things),it doesn't work.anyone can help me ?Thanks a lot.
  5. TheBigJohann

    Dual Boot Sierra / Windows 10 Bluetooth Pairing

    I recently got a Logitech MX Master bluetooth mouse but every time I switch OS I have to re-pair the mouse. I was looking around the forums but none of the fixes work with Bluetooth 4.0 LE / Smart. Has anyone been able to fix the pairing issue with Bluetooth Smart devices? Thanks!
  6. ethansenoj

    Usb ports stop working on reboot

    Hi all, I just created a hackintosh an everything is working great. However when I reboot my sometimes the usb ports stop working. This stops my mouse and keyboard from functioning. They do however work in the pre boot screens. Any help or ideas would be great! Thanks in advance!
  7. freesby

    Trackpad buttons not working

    Trackpad itself works as far as the voodooi2c kext allows it and the keyboard works with the voodooPS , but the trackpad buttons are unresponsive. There's an active mouse preferences panel in the system preferences for what is worth. What could be done to fix this? Any hint would be...
  8. viinnnzzz

    Can`t move my mouse or KB

    Hy There I just installed Hackintosh High Sierra. Everything worked fine, but when I install the MultiBeast ,restart with clover and get to the login, I can`t move my mouse or use my Keyboard. What can I do? Thanks for your attention
  9. RyanKluff

    USB Mouse/Keyboard Turn On Computer

    Hey guys, I just built my first ever computer and got everything to work including installing High Sierra, except for my computer to stay fully shut down. I can turn the Computer on and off, but when I turn the computer off, I can click the mouse or a key on the keyboard and the computer turns...
  10. FelixFrog

    No keyboard and no mouse

    I am on a Asus laptop, and after a lot of tries I am now able to boot the install. But it says "". I haven't an usb keyboard and the bluetooth doesn't work, so I need to use the laptop's keyboard. The trackpad doesn't work, but I've got an usb mouse so I'm ok for it. I tried to put the...
  11. Jovie918

    Wireless Mouse VS. BT Dongle

    Dealing with some weird peripheral issues. I can't seem to "drag and drop" with the current wireless mouse I am using(Linked below) I wanted to see if I could forgo having to troubleshoot the issue and just use a third party USB...
  12. buhdeuce67

    The best way to set up a Windows + macOS dual-boot system?

    Hi there again guys, Setting up a Windows and macOS dual-boot system would be great. I would love to have the compatibility of Windows and the beauty of macOS on the same system. I tried creating a boot disk for Sierra 10.12.3 using UniBeast, but I couldn't get my mouse/keyboard to work (as...
  13. jakeglav21

    My mouse isn't working key board is please help!

    last night I was editing a project it was getting late so I went to bed. When I woke up I was able to log on thru the home screen but as soon as I hit the desktop I was unable to move my mouse. I navigated thru setting with the key board to see if I could find anything and I didn't. Also by...
  14. a.mathew

    Z77X-UP4 TH Mouse and keyboard not working

    Hello all fellow hackintoshers! I can't say enough about how amazing this place is and how much information and knowlege I have received from everyone here. Thank you for what you do and what you know, I am grateful and indebted to you! So im a brand new hackintosher, I have done months of...