mouse freeze.

  1. help.matt

    Screen freezes for a split second every five seconds

    I have recently updated to Catalina 10.15.4 and the latest patch. I have dual booting Windows 10 and OS X (from two different SSDs), Windows 10 was the default. I changed this to OS X the default and changed the order so that OS X appears first in the list. Since then I am noticing the slit...
  2. kokozedman

    USB Mouse: Frequent random USB reset (Catalina only)

    Hi, Since my upgrade to Catalina a few weeks ago, my perfectly working USB mouse started to have a weird random freeze. Later, I have realized there was actually an on-going problem with IOUserUSBHostHIDDevice. The mouse works without problem in Mojave, Windows and Linux. Here is the log of...
  3. Precision M6800

    FIX Crazy Jumpy Mouse Pointer and Mouse Click delay Issue

    Hello everyone ; If you have a problem with your mouse pointer like " crazy jumpy cursor or Mouse click delay " !!!! SOLUTION : You need ( GPU Power Management ) Follow this thread It's so easy steps...
  4. FlameFusion

    Mouse Freezing When Opening Certain Programs

    My mouse a Razer diamondback keeps freezing when I open system preferences and sound, Please help me fix this issue as I want to fix this issue asap
  5. h_rvn

    MOUSE Freeze and Lag

    Hi, I just convert my Alienware Aurora to a Hackintosh, Dont ask me why I bought this crap lol I installed OS x mountain lions 10.8 and My mouse is lagging and also my keyboard seems to be lagging sometimes ( I mean both freeze for cpl seconds sometimes) and when I was installing, I had to...