mouse cursor lag

  1. xizzun

    Stuttering in mouse cursor on Intel Hackintosh

    Hi guys, I used to run an AMD platform, and ever since I changed to an Intel platform for hackintosh (i9 9900k z390 aorus mini) I've been facing some terrible issues: * My logitech Mx Master 3 mouse, used with a usb unifier, keeps stuttering horribly at times, it's very annoying, it's like the...
  2. mdovale

    Power state of displays not recognized

    Hello there. This is my first Mojave desktop build. I have been in the laptops community for a while though :) The system seems pretty stable, however I am getting an annoying GPU-related issue that is also causing my mouse to lag/teleport at regular intervals. The issue occurs when my second...
  3. Precision M6800

    FIX Crazy Jumpy Mouse Pointer and Mouse Click delay Issue

    Hello everyone ; If you have a problem with your mouse pointer like " crazy jumpy cursor or Mouse click delay " !!!! SOLUTION : You need ( GPU Power Management ) Follow this thread It's so easy steps...
  4. jemiller1963

    Request for Recommendation - Lagging Mouse

    A few nights ago I experienced the lagging mouse for the first time. 09/30/2018 was my successful install of 10.11.6 with all working fine. I had read about the USB issues but all was working well, so I did not edit anything. When the issues occurred, I read many threads on the issues users...