mac g5

  1. aRawFilmProduction

    Mac G5 Mod

    Original 2013 post: This was my first ever Mac G5 Mod. Decided to keep it simple and retain as much of the original case as I could. Originally I had a Gateway Laptop that I decided years back to try and run MacOS. That's the first time I ran OSX Snow Leopard, it was a frustrating process but...
  2. mrmeister

    Snow Leopard rig for compatibility

    Hi guys, I do a lot of audio work, and it's often best for me to have a more up to date and powerful machine, but recently I've had the need to fall back on some software that is no longer supported in current versions of OS X (namely Kontakt 4). There must be a bug in kontakt 5 that stops...
  3. Xavib

    Mavericks on PowerMac G5

    Hi everyone! I have a PowerMac G5 with the 2x2GHz PowerPC G5, Ram-10Gb, Hard drive-500Gb and Leopard OSx. My question is: Can I upgrade my Mac to Mavericks? If not, can I do hackintosh? Thanks!
  4. ADK_XJ

    Budget Gaming Build Questions

    Hey all, hopefully I'm putting this in the right place - I'm looking for a general thumbs-up or green-light from the community here on the build I've patched together. I don't have a ton of money to work with ($700) but already have the case that I'm going to adapt this build to (the last year...