ma pro build

  1. NuclearLemons

    Mac Pro 2008 Clean MATX 240mm Liquid

    Hi! just joined the forum as a way of paying back all the incredible and thoughtful advice provided by the community towards this project. Cannot thank you lot enough! I have decided to create a build log on the forum to continue the wonderful trend of mac pro conversions, Hope you guys like...
  2. tlockett

    OS X & Clover Install on Mac transfer to PC

    Question,can you install mac OS X 10.10.x or 10.11.x on a drive with all the Clover Config.pst and EFI partition,then put it in a PC, ? Example- I install fresh OS X on a external drive connected to my MBP 2-Boot to that drive on MBP, and use clover to configure the drive 3-then install this...
  3. superpippo94

    mac pro wood case from scratch

    here is my mac pro case made of wood :) what do u think about it :)?