low power

  1. matthewtheinventor

    Low Power i7 ( i7-6700T ) work in Hackintosh?

    I am building a mini-itx Hackintosh. I would like it to consume little power, I stumbled across the i7-6700T that only has a 35w TDP. I just want to know if anyone has used one in a Hackintosh of if anyone knows if they are compatible with OS X.
  2. Rhydian93

    Intel i7 4790T or Intel i7 4790S??

    Hi, I'm planning to build my 1st hackintosh and I want a CPU that is powerful for my photo editing (may edit videos sometimes) that will also be future proof for 4K and just general use such as iTunes, Safari and all that. I also would like that CPU to be as low Power Consumption as bills being...
  3. forrestgumpx

    Which Mini-ITX for low power consumption?

    Hi Guys, I'm planning to build a mini-itx system which serves mainly as timemachine backup, usenet/t*****t downloader and XBMC. It will be idle most of the time, so I need a system configuration which is focused on low power consumption. I've seen HTPC systems with an idle 20 Watt...