liquid cooling

  1. andriangungon

    Liquid cooler compatibility issue?

    I'm gonna build my first hackintosh and I need some advice when choosing the right liquid cooler, i'm planning to buy corsair h100i for my build.
  2. CouchKing

    Corsair liquid cooling in a rack mount/server case?

    I was going over at all the parts I'm going to purchase next week for my build (if all goes as planned). After watching corsair's instructional video on installing the H60 liquid cooling system, I realized that it may not fit the case I was planning on putting it in...
  3. Midphase

    Liquid CPU Cooler....worth it?

    So I'm running an i7 3930k OC'd at 42X, I was running it at 45X but had to scale back because during peak CPU usage (Aftereffects rendering) it was overheating above 80C. Right not I'm using an air-cooled CPU heat sink with a single fan. At 42X my peak temps run around upper 60's/low 70's...