lion 10.7

  1. roman.biceps

    downgrade mac to unsupported old mac os x

    Hey guys. i have macbook pro 13 2013. the minimum supported version is mavericks. can i install a lion or snow leopard on it? can you tell me about bootloaders?
  2. stepan

    `Selected Mac OS X Installer is Incomplete` I can't install Lion by installer

    Hello. I have a problem of installation Lion in my mac mini. I use UniBeast 5.2.0, And want install Lion 10.7.4. When I run UniBeast select a destination and select, program return error: Your selected Mac OS X Installer is incomplete. Please delete all copies of the installer from all...
  3. Felixmangattu

    2018 Hackintosh with intel E6600?

    Currently I have an Intel E2180 an Intel E6600 a Asus asus p5g41t-m lx board and a Asus Geforce 210 graphics card. This was a windows pc. And I would like to install OS X lion on the system.
  4. irrationalJohn

    Unable to purchase El Capitan from OS X 10.7 on my MacBook

    I have a MacBook, but it is an "Early 2008" MacBook4,1 which Apple threw under the bus back when they released Mountain Lion (10.8). So when I try to "get" El Capitan I am simply told that it won't work on my hardware. Is there another way I can download El Capitan so I can try installing it...
  5. Legnazeg

    Asus H97M Plus - doesn't boot got stuck

    Hello guys, I'm new here and I'm trying to build a hackintosh, I just bought an Asus Mobo, 8gb Kingston RAM, i5 4460, Seagate Barracuda HD 7200rpm, I did everything right I guess, bought Lion, downloaded it, also Unibeast, did all the process, everything was successful until I tried to boot from...
  6. Bahhb

    HELP PLEASE!!! OS not set yet???

    My Hack Pro has been a great machine for the last year and all of a sudden it crashes on start up and in the scrambled code it says OS not set yet!!! This is my production machine, please help if you have any idea's! I am way in over my head! Lion 10.7
  7. Thatguy269

    Can I use this graphics card on lion MSI GeForce 210 N210-512D2 Video Card - 512MB DDR2

    I have lion 10.7.0 can update if needed I know that the MSI N210-D512D2 GeForce 210 512MB 64-bit DDR2 ( works but I can't find it in stock so I was wondering if this one worksMSI GeForce 210 N210-512D2 Video Card - 512MB DDR2...
  8. abith987

    Installation support on vaio vpcea33en

    Hi I am struggling to install mac 10.7 lion on my sony vaio VPCEA33EN, You can read the full system spec here The thing is i cant find bios AHCI option in my BIOS settings. I have tried one of your tutorials with iboot. i got some kernal panic...
  9. crisisoverlord

    Lion Asus P5KC Help

    I have Lion installed using Tonymac's UniBeast method, now it keeps rebooting in this order... >Loaded chameleon from back up OS X >Type in mach_kernel PCIRootUID=0 >Apple logo for a split second >Black Screen for 1 second >PC rebooted Here are the specs: MB: ASUS P5KC CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad...