lg graphics

  1. thmsrock

    VGA working, HDMI/DVI not Asus GTX 750 Ti

    Hello, I can't solve this. I just got another monitor, but only VGA is working and I have one port. - When I use VGA : osx boots, the apple logo shows up, the bar loads halfway through, then a black screen appears for 1 second. After that the bar finishes loading and boom I'm in and it works. -...
  2. PlayerS

    lg 95c Graphics Activating

    So i just got old lg95c computer with intel core 2 duo e4400 (not a laptop) and my problem is how to activate the graphics, please i need to get it fix everything else works my friend fix it for me and he told me to come here :( please if anyone can told me how or point to a right direction :oops: