lenovo x220

  1. wildanbaraja

    DSDT for Touchpad Synaptics PS2

    Hi all, i need some help, can you take a look at my dsdt.aml, is there anything wrong? right now my problem is with the trackpad, it's not sensitive and not smooth, happening to with mouse when scrolling (i use SmoothScroll app to smoothen mouse scroll). laptop x220 spec : CPU : Intel core i5...
  2. Applejack

    Getting past 10.6.0 on a Lenovo X220

    I'm trying to install OS X on a Lenovo X220. There are many reports of people having done this, and it's noted as being a very suitable laptop. The example I'm working with is a Sandy Bridge i5-2520M/4Gb mem. It kept kernel panicking with 8Gb, even though Memtest flagged no errors, and...
  3. szklarz

    Lenovo x220 Audio Problem

    I have a Lenovo X220 with Snow Leopard. I used Newcom mod to load it, and got most functionallity to work out of box. I am not able to load audio or get it working. One Kext is very choppy (voodooHDA), but that is the closest I did get. Any help would be greatly appreciated.