1. ChrisLearned

    Mac Pro Front IO issue

    So here's the quick rundown. I just scored a HEVENLY / PRESTINE - gutted, never even been to factory cheese grater mac pro tower with stickers / plastic still on it from someone on craigslist for $20, with full intent on SOMEHOW building a video editing PC inside with minimal to NO cutting. ( I...
  2. minjaeeu

    Little help with "power button/front I/O"

    Hey guys just wanna say first that I had this craving of doing a G5 mod since I entered the world of hackintosh in 2013, and now hey I found a G5 case...... but..... there's is only one little problem. My problem is related with the I/O front painel. Because since a G5 case (or even a used G5)...
  3. neoofoox

    neoofoox's G5 Mod

    Hello, I want to show you my current process of my G5 Mod. I started in January by buying a used Mac G5 with defect hardware in it. My first attempt was trying to repair the Mac G5, but there was a problem with CPU/Cooling I couldn’t solve. My target for the Mod: Keep it as stock looking as...
  4. tlittle

    G5 I/O help

    I have seen several occasions where people were able to buy a wiring kit to hook up the old I/O to the new ATX mobo. I don't have this I/O card. The one in my G5 is a direct contact with the mobo type. I need suggestions and help to make this work.