hp 4540s

  1. zeldaxpro

    [solved] No Sound HP 4540s El Capitan Please Help

    Hello, I followed the guide to installing El Capitan step by step and everything works fine except audio. I followed RehabMan's guide. I also followed this: "Audio: After installing new/updated kexts or after the initial installation, you may lose audio. To fix: - reboot without caches (hit...
  2. aking66

    Hp ProBook 4540s

    I need help to install Mountain Lion on Hp ProBook 4540s and ,Is there a solution to the problem Wifi driver? :-o
  3. buihuuloc

    Wifi Atheros AR9485 HP Probook 4540s

    I can't find kext or solve for this kind of wifi. Some guys can help me? Thanks