1. jing009

    will there ever be a nic card application for hackintosh?

    Im not a programmer but it be nice if we all had something like this Run Application NIC Find .....starting search auto finds net card ... cant it find look for it manually ...... please choose vender like intel broadcom etc- please enter model version {model} injects into plist of kext...
  2. Samgibbons

    Trouble with OS X El Capitan, Unable to boot from system standalone. Must use usb.

    So I've followed tonymacs install guide to the T. I have a functional install because I can boot to the drive from usb, which for me rules out any BIOS issues. However, when I remove the usb drive and try to boot, It goes straight to BIOS, and won't let me choose my drive as a drive to boot...
  3. EpopLesDeef

    8th Clean reinstall with Haswell & 10.8.5, still not working

    My setup: Gigabyte GA-Z87N-WIFI (BIOS F4, Optimized Settings, ACHI mode, IGFX) -LAN: Intel gBe and Atheros gBe -Audio: Realtek ALC892 -IGPU: Intel HD 4600 CPU: Intel i5-4570 3.2 GHz Haswell My HDD is connect to Port 1 My Tools: Unibeast 2.1.0 Multibeast 5.5.1 Most Recent Installation Guide...