1. DifferentComputers

    "Choose your motherboard carefully"

    I see several people who either comment "choose your mobo carefully to fit IO and all PCI slots" in a G4 case. Plus pwalth21 who did a mod 4 years ago and has an M-ATX board that fit without modification. OR maybe he's sacrificing some audio ports? No specs I see for any motherboard list...
  2. DifferentComputers

    Figuring cooling needs on PMac Graphite case?

    Hello all, first post here. First attempt at building ANY computer. I've been a professional mac guy for 20+ years though. Handy in the shop, I have lots of tools. What I don't have is a handle on things that long time builders probably know in their sleep: how to determine cooling needs. I'm...
  3. thin_soldier

    Mac Gi5 Carbon concept build

    Mac Powermac i5 "Carbon" (G4 graphite) a concept mod Here comes a few pictures from my mac G4 build that's still in progress, the outside panels are now about 88% done, the huge jobs to do are on the inside of the case. Such as cable extension and general modding to ATX. This is to be a...
  4. makrja

    G4 Graphite mATX Build 2013

    Hello fellow modders! Im new to this forum, and i recently got a free Powermac G4 Graphite from a friend. My uncle offered to paint the case in a nice matte pearly white, along with a black apple logo. I already stripped the case for components, and as other post say, i need to place new...
  5. Gillbay

    Graphite G4 compatibility queries.

    I have adopted a Powermac G4 Graphite from my dads office and want to create a hackintosh with it. Its my first one, never done it before so im relatively nooby. I have listed the components i have chosen and wanted to know if there would be any compatibility issues. I will also be running...