geforce 680

  1. SamuelJacob

    [Solved] GeForce 680 Compatible with High Sierra?

    Is GeForce 680 is compatible with High Sierra? I formatted my SSD to APFS. I'm currently installed to High Sierra - but I had to take out my Graphics Card in order to see and for this to work so far. The only Driver I've installed so far is Multibeast latest version - and then I downloaded...
  2. SamuelJacob

    Stuck at Boot Black Screen

    I am running into two problems. (For High Sierra) 1. When Graphic Card GeForce 680 is plugged in, black screen is present - no video. (I tried switching the video cable to the graphic card and back to the motherboard. But, it would only work if I turned off Intergrated Graphic. Unfortunately...
  3. donchaspam

    Monitor Recommendation Equivalent to Apple Thunderbolt Display?

    Could anyone recommend a good monitor that has resolution and performance characteristics similar to Apple's Thunderbolt display? I'd use an actual Thunderbolt display (going to be using a Gigabyte Thunderbolt MB) but the display is going to be driven by an EVGA GeForce 680 GPU. Primary uses...