1. yungyulli

    [solved] can not boot without usb flash drive HELP

    hey people I need some help. so I can't boot into macOS Sierra without my bootable usb flash drive I made with unibeast to install macOS Sierra. I can only boot when I have the usb inserted. I already installed Sierra and it is running good minus a few things. I would like to be able to boot...
  2. yungyulli

    MSI GE60 nvidia graphics help

    okay so im thinking about doing a hackingtosh on a seperate hard drive for my laptop. I have a msi ge60 2pe apache pro. with nvidia gtx860m graphics. i know there are now nvidia drivers for mac operating systems so i was wondering if anyone knew if i would be okay and be able to get the graphics...
  3. JiRongWU

    MSI GE60 problem in sierra

    Hello everyone I had success install sierra in my laptop(MSI GE60 2QD). I use clover. But keyboard didn't work. I try to install again. but it always show it and restart computer. I can't understand what happened so that I can't install again. is the clover setting problem? or other problem...
  4. Nedo113

    MSI Apache GE60 2PC reboot on HDMI hot plug

    have made some test and I am in a point that I need help. This two framebuffer works partialy on my pc (I tested all framebuffer ) my card is an Intel 4600 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0416&SUBSYS_11081462&REV_06 Procesor: i7 4720HQ 0a260006 my pc screen works but when I plug the HDMI the pc restart...
  5. 9216544

    MSI GE60 Laptop Compatible?

    First of all, hello everyone. Hopefully I'll be spending some time in these forums if it is feasible to get Mac OSX on my laptop Anyways, I was wondering if my system's hardware is hackable. I don't mind putting in some effort to make it work, but I wanted to see if anyone knows if any of the...