first build questions

  1. skm1134

    i7-4790K 4GHz Motherboard Recommendation

    Hi All, I have the components below but I am in need of a compatible motherboard. It seems like there aren't a ton of readily available options to go with the i7-4790K. Im looking to go ATX and price < $150. A couple I have seen available: Asus - Z97-AR ATX LGA1150 Asus - Z87-K ATX LGA1150...
  2. JessBot

    Need help booting Optiplex 7050 from High Sierra clover USB - kernel panics

    I abandoned this... no sense letting this thread live.
  3. RandyBoBandy

    First Hackintosh Build

    Hey Everyone! I'm planning on building my first hackintosh, I've followed the buyer's guide and think I have a pretty decent set up for a good price. I was wondering if some experienced veterans out there could give me a few recommendations or make note of any issues/mistakes I might have as...
  4. olleolsson

    My First Video Editing Hackintosh Build. (hardware and general questions)

    Hi there, I´m on the forum and I need some help and advice about a coming computer build. My plan is to build a video editing computer with mac/osx installed on it. In other words a Hackintosh. I’m going to list the parts I´m planning to use so you guys get a feeling of what type of computer I...
  5. remedix

    First Hackintosh with so many questions!

    Hey all, My 20'' core 2 duo iMac has died after 5years and I decided to build a hackintosh. I'm trying to build a 'budget' hackintosh with the best hardware available. I do alot of photo editing (huge photos) in lightroom and photoshop cs6. I also consider myself a heavy user meaning I have at...