fan stops

  1. aldo.riese

    AMD Rx Vega: fan not turning, no dual monitor, crashes when monitor is added or removed

    I was so excited to plug my new Rx Vega 56 and see it work OOB... but my second and third monitors stayed black. I tried all the outputs on my main monitor and they work, so it's a software problem, and I can't solve it. If I add a monitor or withdraw one, OSX freezes and I must reset the...

    Gigabyte GV-GTX650OC Fan issue

    Hi guys I have put a build together with the following GA-B85M-HD3 I5 4560 GV-N650OC Every thing is working fine, except after boot up in mavericks the gpu fan just stops until you reboot and then stops again I have tried it in windows 7 and the fan runs all the time without any issues Im so...