ext4 linux boot booting

  1. esoxx

    Linux boot ACPI message error when booting from OpenCOre

    Hello, I have a working setup on OpenCore 0.8.9 / Ventura 13.2.1 and a quadruple boot : MacOS, Win11, Ubuntu 22.04.2 and Kali Linux. If I select the linux drive from BIOS everything is alright, but if I boot Linux (let's say Ubuntu) I ha an ACPI error message during boot time (sorry for the bad...
  2. nylki

    Dualboot ML / Ubuntu 12.10 - not showing up in Chimera

    Hi there, I followed rehabmans guide ( http://racerrehabman.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/guide-to-installing-windows-7-windows-8-mac-os-x-lion-and-ubuntu-multi-boot/ ), to do a dualboot. In my case it shall be a Mountain Lion + Ubuntu 12.10 dualboot on _one_ SSD. The Installation itself worked...