1. Macguy12

    High sierra direct upgrade stuck at apple logo after passing verbose screen

    I have a perfectly working sierra 10.12.6 setup on my 3537. I've read through and gone with the steps mentioned in "Common problems in 10.13.x" thread, stopped VESA drivers from loading by injecting properties. Finally I've checked and updated kexts and clover patches. To avoid APFS conversion...
  2. jarlenfos

    Successful installation, but I'm unsure of a couple of things.

    Hey all, Thanks to the installation guide and some settings from other users on the forum I managed to get my system up and running with Yosemite without issue. It's my main work machine and it has been smooth sailing since I finished it up. Specs are: I7 4790k GA-Z97M-D3H 32GB of RAM GTX750...
  3. DrkPhazon

    [SOLVED] Clover not showing any drive!

    Well i was stupid enough to use clover configuration and everything was ok actually , just had one problem with the auto sleep function so i was messing around with darkwake setting but then i saw i could change the way clover scans for partitions . To be honest i should have read before messing...
  4. m4rkus95

    Empty iCloud Drive Folder on OS X 10.10.1

    Hey Mac-Friends, since I updated my main system to OS X 10.10.1 Yosemite (I did a fresh install), I have no access to the iCloud Drive Folder in Finder. I have enabled the feature in my iCloud settings, but it doesn't shows me the standard folders or any custom folders. iCloud Drive works...
  5. HennoeR

    empty authentication windows

    missing text in system / empty authentication windows Since a few hours I run into some really strange problems, when I try to change settings in System Preferences or sign up for a new entry in my iCloud Keychain, where I have to enter my user name and computer password. The text is completely...