1. Moose9287

    4K+RAW Video Editing Setup

    Hello Hackintosh Genius'! I am looking to build a killer 4K+ RAW Video editing setup. Apple is just taking too long with their desktop tha tis likely to be very overpriced and proprietary. I need some advice. I run Adobe Premiere and the entire Suite, Some of Maxon Cinema 4D and also FInal...
  2. imchrisbrains

    Dual Xeon Z9PE - 16 core - Triple 7970 X-Fire + Nvidia Quadro FX W00T!!!!

    BRAINSPRO - 10.8.4 - Video Editor Z9PE - 16 core - ATI 7970 HD - W00T!!!! Just wanted to get my first post out, big thanks to the tonymacx86 board, I've been lurking for awhile and pulled the trigger on the following: Z9PE D8 WS DUAL XEON E5-2670 ES 2.6GHZ 8 CORE 16 THREAD LEPA 1600W PSU -...