customac buyer's guide

  1. 89Flay

    Best CustoMac Pro 2018

    Hi everybody, I was looking for building a new fully working CustoMac Pro and I wanted to ask your opinion about what for you is the "state of the art" right now. From today's buyers guide there are basically 3 motherboards starting from: - Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming WIFI - ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X...
  2. CustoUserName

    Current CustoMac Pro build futureproof question

    Sorry if these questions sound a little bit noobish but while I consider myself decent with computers this will be my first time building a CustoMac. I am looking to build the “CustoMac Pro” from the Jan 2015 buyer’s guide with the goal of making a powerful dual boot machine with as little...