chimera bootloader

  1. neuisaj

    Audio Not working!!!!

    Hi I have been working on my Hackintosh for some weeks now and i am almost done but my audio is not working. The strange thing is that I have had the sound working before with these kexts!GxhTXTYT!aIneXj...8IsZtG_R-YThZg but when I install Chimera (which is v4.0.1) my sound...
  2. nortondnb

    Yosemite won`t boot after chimera bootloader install

    I did fresh install of latest Yosemite from prepared bootable USB. After installation, yosemite boots fine as long as there is bootable instal USB present. (ethernet, graphics restart/sleep/wake works fine, only problem is with audio driver). Problem is that after I install chimera bootloader...
  3. intrus22

    Chimera bootloader install not functioning

    I've been having a hard time with the bootloader, its not working when i attempt to install to disk. I previously had a 1TB HD and the bootloader will give me error 0 at system startup, i followed the steps required via the terminal in Utility at install time but that resulted in the same...
  4. Antoun17

    Yosemite Kernel Panic: Kernel Panic after Install of Chimera using Multibeast

    Yosemite Kernel Panic: Kernel Panic after Install of Chimera So what can I say I like the latest verisons of software and have had my eye out on Yosemite since it was announced last June. I understand and expected to have problems as any early adopter of Yosemite. So here is my problem after I...
  5. ColeMacGrath

    (SOLVED)Create Chimera Booloader

    I wonder how to create a chimera to boot usb with my computer, I only look for that. Dual-boot Windows 8.1-OS X 10.9