boot usb

  1. alecande11

    [PROBLEM] Clover boot only from the USB

    I try to install an hackintosh (macOS Sierra) in dual-boot with windows on my MSI GF628RE Laptop, the OS is installed in an external hard drive connected to the computer via a USB 3.0 port. Everything works and I used MultiBeast to install the various drivers and Clover in the HDD, but when I...
  2. phlop

    [SOLVED] Stuck at bootable USB creation

    I'm attempting to create a bootable USB, but Unibeast is not recognizing my drive: The write up says to set the scheme as GUID partition map, but I do not see that option in my disk utility window: My current mac OS is 10.8.5. The option to...
  3. timmen93

    Can not boot from OSX drive

    I just finished my Yosemite installation. After switching to an i5 4690k the installation was pretty flawless and I already have everything running. The only problem is, that I can not boot from the SSD where I installed OSX. I have no problem booting the os with the bootloader on the USB...
  4. NoaMCORe

    El Capitan boots from HD but only with USB

    Hello, I'm having a strange problem here and I'd like to ask if anyone had the same. If I try to boot from HD without the USB (with the El Capitan Installer) the boot stops after the Bluetooth (I know that is about my graphic card), but if I boot from HD (not USB) with the USB plugged, the...