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  1. Greens

    Hackintosh Pro $4000: i9 (8 cores), AMD vega 64, LG 5K, mojave 10.4.x

    Do you have a recommendation? or experience with the same components? thanks. I buy components for a new Mac, with this configuration, to do maybe little better from the iMac Pro (basic model). OS: macOS 10.14.x The last change of this configuration is at the bottom of this post direct link...
  2. Easymatic

    G5 Rendering powerhouse

    Hi all, Finished my first PC build and my first mod. Used one of my old powermac G5's. Great fun to discover the whole community of G5 modifiers, wasn't aware there was this recycling movement going on! Have several more G5's waiting. Will be using this computer for heavy 3D rendering tasks and...
  3. Sim.on

    Build Advice for a Skylake-Build

    Hello, I´d like to have some advices for my next build. It should be very silent.:confused: These are the components that I´d like to buy:crazy: Acrylglas GS transparent Apple Keyboard Bitfenix Sleeves RED Intel Core i5 6600k OC to 3,9 Ghz Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 16GB G.Skill RipJaws 2133mhz...
  4. bshoes

    Matt's All-Black Powermac

    Hello all This is my second post about my now oldish PowerMac which has gone through various stages over the last 5 years of so. I've tried different configurations before settling for this one, which I'm very pleased about and that I thought I would share. I wanted it to be all...