backup usb drive

  1. AmericanArchon

    Where Is The Full High Sierra Installation ( <= 10.13.5) download?

    Problem: If I upgrade to 10.13.6 on this machine. The are no web-drivers that support my 10.13.6 build number. I've been out of work for a year, so I'm sticking with my 1080Ti for now. Situation: Right now, I have a 500GB SSD 10.13.5 on it. If I could pair that down to fit on a 128GB that would...
  2. liamhornby67

    TimeMachine Error: Error occurred creating backup folder

    Hi Guys I have recently been getting this error with my two External HardDrives that are connected for my time machine backups. Error occurred creating backup folder The two externals were originally connected via a USB hub which i thought could be the problem so i connected it directly to...