apple arm

  1. umcv

    macOS on Edge2 ARM PC

    Has anyone tried booting mac os on this ARM PC? High-performance Rockchip RK3588S SoC, 8nm lithography process. 2.25GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex-A76 + 1.8GHz Quad Core Cortex-A55. Integrated ARM Mali-G610 MP4 quad-core GPU up to 1GHz. Built-in 6 TOPS...
  2. sinusoid

    .plist exchange between intel and M1 MacOS

    Hi everyone, Haven't been here for a while but still in business and in love with Macs. For every mac I installed, after Apple removed the battery percentage of charge and discharge, I replaced the battery.plist with the old one, in order to show the percentage and time remaining all the time...
  3. poles

    What it means to hackintosh community as Huawei also designed HiSilicon ARM CPU?

    You heard it right. I know its nothing to get excited about it as they both customized their own ARM CPU differently. But we all know Huawei. What if somehow the instruction sets become similar, will it open a new door to our community...
  4. Binuk

    Is this the real end of hackintosh? M1 Macs

    Is this the real end of Hackintoshes??? Post your vote!
  5. hackintoshftw1

    Apple Said to Work on Mac Chip That Would Lessen Intel Role Crap. If that happens than the hackintosh would be essentially DEAD!
  6. HennoeR

    Will Apple switch to ARM chips?

    What do you think about the rumored news which claim apple will change to ARM chips. Any problems for the future of hackintosh? sources: (original, french)