1. seby-the-drummer

    radeon 7870 + hd4000 mavericks i am confused

    hello everyone, first of all thanks to tonymacx86 and all u guys working and testing on this site:clap:! i have build a working customac by always booting from usb flash. the only thing is i can't boot with chimera from the harddrive. its the already mentioned boot0 thing: boot0: GPT boot0...
  2. crain83

    How should i enable Radeon 7850 on Mavericks (new public release)

    Hi guys, any ideas of enabling my 7850 card on the new public version of Mavericks (22nd october)? Seems like the kexts for 7xxx are changed. I can boot with it only by the UniBeast 3.0 USB installer with low resolution and not even recognized as a Radeon HD 7850 or 7xxx. It's "Display 3 MB"...
  3. Suenami

    Just bought a Radeon 7850 in hopes that 10.8.3 will support

    Hi everybody, I'm aspiring to make a Hackintosh for the first time, and most of the equipment was hand picked for me by a friend, who no longer has the need to make his own hackintosh which is why I'm trying my hand at it. At first, I purchased a 6870 but I was unsatisfied with the measly 1gb...