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    Success: X79 UD5 + 10.13 High Sierra

    Hi all, I have also been able to get High Sierra to work on the GA-X79-UD5 board and F14e BIOS with i7-3970X processor, system type of 14,2, proper full UEFI boot to clover and a new Radeon RX 580 8192 MB GPU. The system functions great, though boot times through Clover are quite lengthy (4-5...
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    [guide] ga-x79-ud5 / 3930k / gtx 560 2gb / 10.11.2

    Hi everyone, I got just about everything working with El Capitan except still having some troubles with USB ports and getting my Logitech QuickCam to work properly (requires unplug and often restart to get working again.) I'm not sure what is related, but I have a LOT of these messages in my...
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    [SUCCESS] Ziglen’s Build: i7-3930k - GA-X79-UD5 - 4GB RAM - EVGA GeForce GT 640

    I have same board as you GA-X79-UD5 with bios v12. I managed to upgrade to 10.8.2, but I now have strange problems with my USB. Mouse navigation works, but clicking is delayed. Keyboard is also not usable. Does anyone else have this sort of problem? Can someone post their BIOS settings...