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    NO USB in F12 boot list

    Hello I did all steps from Catalina guide and when I start the pc and try to choose boot disk it doesnt appear in the list. Can you help me?
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    Booting USB Stalls With White Screen

    I make the USB stick I did all the bios settings I booted from USB It is loaded and after that it appears a BIG WHITE SCREEN WHY?
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    Why this error?

    Finaly I swiched with another USB stick and it worked but now , When I try to install on my mac OS sierra hackintosh after loading screen it display a white screen and thats it.
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    Why this error?

    Hello. I try to make a USB install stick for High Sierra and when it finish it I have this error COPY OF APFS.EFI FAILED. Why this?
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    Big List of Solutions for El Capitan Install Problems

    HOW? It seems my mac start and after that I have no signal on my monitor. How can I write nv_disable=1?
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    USB making

    not it seems I can boot only with usb into mac. I installed multibeast and still i can't boot without usb key
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    USB making

    Hello again After my morning cofee I try something read in forum about removing video card and boot withh video integrated. It works. Now it seems to be video card wrong?
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    USB making

    I read that list of problems but I dont see one like mine :(
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    USB making

    I booted in verbose mode and this is the picture
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    USB making

    Hello My computer died and I try for several of time to make a bootable USB drive cu repair my mac but with Unibeast it take at least 1 hour to make the USB drive and when I put it into mac it give me an panic error. I tried on 3 different USB drives, downloaded again El Capitan and...
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    Photo keep restarting my computer

    Hello When I open the Photos software from OS X El Capitan my computer restarts. I cant put any card, stick with photos or videos without restarting. What can I do?
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    MultiBeast 7.4 Update sound issues?

    same story :(
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    Yosemite help!

    Hello After some day to read all tutorials and settings from other users who succeed to install this os x I still have some major problems. 1. No audio hardware detected - no sound 2. If I try to copy something from drive to another computer freeze and I need a resest 3. some drives ca not...
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    GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-UD7 TH LGA 1150 + i7-4790K Haswell 4-Core + GeForce GTX 760 4GB (GIGABYTE GV-N760OC

    How do you do with TOLEDA pach. I dont understand what he does in those multi linea of scripts. Can you tell me please?
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    My first Hackintosh.

    Do you have any recomandation for a MOBO? Please advise.