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    HDMI scrambles video output

    Hello again, gents. I'm having some problems getting a dual monitor situation set up on my hackintosh running high sierra 10.13.3 I have the 6870 Reference Card, GA-Z77X-UD5H Motherboard, i7-3770K CPU ATIConfig=Bulrushes, ATIPorts=5, ß Duckweed Framebuffers Whenever I plug an HDMI in trying...
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    HDMI port Produces Scrambled screen

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    HDMI port Produces Scrambled screen

    Morning, fellas. I've had this problem for a month now, just getting around to asking you guys about it. I've got a High Sierra hackintosh with the radeon 6870 Reference card. The DVI Ports work fine, I'm using it with one monitor, and the HDMI USED to work fine on my 42" Samsung. However...