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    Giacomoleopardo Silent MacMini 6,2 | Step by step guide

    Hello everybody, thanks a lot for Giacomo, all is good for me as network so i give my extra folder here for others guys who have problems. Yehhhhhhhh :P
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    Official CustoMac Mini 2012 Guide and Notes (in progress)

    Hello, i am new in hackintosh world and i have the same configurataion of you (Ga-Z77N Wifi, icore 7 3,4 Ghz, SSD 256 + HD 1 To + HD4000 64 Mb) but don't start at the boot : error mach-kernel : so please someone could send a archive of your Extra folder to have a good work and a good boot for...
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    bitdoctor's MiniMacPro Build: intel Core i7-3770 - Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI - HD 4000 - 16 GB - 256 GB

    Great box for this Hackintosh where you can place 1 HDD 2,5" + 1 SSD + DVDR slim = STREACOM F1CS EVO - ARGENT = EUR 89,99 Marvelous, isn'it ? Thierry :shock: