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    Update OS

    Oh, you may be right. :thumbup: I'm using 10.9 myself for Audio Production, so I'm clearly not a good example of "state of the art" studio owner... :mrgreen:
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    Update OS

    True, but it seems that there's a few improvements, security wise, that make Monterey worth it: Plus one year more of security updates. EDIT: well... I'm not sure Passkeys will apply to hackintoshes...
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    Update OS

    If you don't want to spend much money — and it looks like you didn't mind staying with the same OS for seven years (El Capitan ;) ) — your HD4000 is an option too, provided you apply a patch to use it with Monterey. There's a number of threads mentioning that...
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    Monterey 12.6 on old Ivy Bridge - OC 0.6.9

    Oh, sorry! I missed that bit! So it's the one from chris1111 I guess...
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    Monterey 12.6 on old Ivy Bridge - OC 0.6.9

    Hi! I thought Monterey did not support HD4000... You didn't mention it but I guess you had to use some patch like or have I missed anything?
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    An indication of what Apple thinks about Intel based Macs today.

    I think it's rather an indication of how Apple views products they've sold 3 years ago, whatever they are... :mrgreen: And it's been like that for decades, unfortunately. They absolutely don't care about old users, only new ones. I've always wondered how long this business model would last, but...
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    << Solved >> sys prefs will not show me updates for Monterey 12.5.1 - SIP is enabled, Nvram reset ALREADY nothing

    I don't know if it's related but there appears to be issues with Apple updates servers:
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    The Ultimate Low Cost Big Sur Hackintosh - Core i5 Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF - HP 2K Monitor

    I probably didn't find the right english syntax to say that I use audio applications that only run under 10.9 (namely Avid Pro Tools 10 with its many expensive plugins, that would literally cost me thousands of bucks to renew for current MacOS...) As I'm not using it professionally any more, I...
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    The Ultimate Low Cost Big Sur Hackintosh - Core i5 Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF - HP 2K Monitor

    Sorry, I thought you meant Macmini7,1 could run Mavericks. I'm still using it for audio applications, so I currently boot 10.9 or 10.14 without having to switch the SMBIOS. Would have been great to have a dual boot Mavericks/Monterey. ;) Anyway, you're right, it's no big deal and I can manage...
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    The Ultimate Low Cost Big Sur Hackintosh - Core i5 Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF - HP 2K Monitor

    Hi TRS, Are you sure Macmini7,1 sys def will boot Mavericks? I see that Mac mini was sold with 10.10 installed. My current EFI (inspired from yours ;) ) boots 10.9 and 10.14 but using iMac14,2 instead of iMac15,1 (that machine was also sold with 10.10 installed). It wouldn't boot 10.9...
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    Can anyone explain why Mac Mail suddenly stopped working

    I'm currently writing from Firefox ESR 78.15 on Mavericks... You may have something like Little Snitch or Handsoff blocking the site? You can try alternatives such as ArcticFox or InterWeb. Anyway, loads even on Safari 9.1.3, I've just checked.
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    [HOW TO] Opencore 0.8.2 > 0.8.3 differences

    This time, everything worked fine for my Z68. :thumbup:
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    [HOW TO] Opencore 0.8.1 > 0.8.2 differences

    Crash fixed with AppleALC-1.7.4
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    What is your oldest Hackintosh still in use?

    My very first hack was the Dell Mini 9, back in 2011, still dual booting Windows XP and MacOS 1.6.7 through a Chameleon variant. It never was satisfactory with 10.6.8 and it's not supported by Clover or OC. Its only big flaw is that it gets so hot that it crawls if I watch a full resolution film...
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    Discussing older Mac OS X Design Language

    Well, I'm still crying for the loss of old style labels... and the rise of grey icons! Mavericks' Quicklook also dropped plenty of codecs (such as .mid), it also had a bug where occasionally it became blank... Well, to me, the best OSX ever was 10.6 — if not 10.4! ;)