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    Dell Inspiron 7580 (15" i7-8565U + UHD620 Whiskey Lake)

    you did not compile the SSDTs, rather you left as dsl file. place the attached ssdt in your clover/acpi/patched folder. hope this helps. also try to see if you can remove some boot args, I don't think you need all of those
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    Dell Inspiron 7580 (15" i7-8565U + UHD620 Whiskey Lake)

    try ssdtpnlf-cfl. the SSDTs for coffelake brightness fix. add it to efi/clover/acpi/patched. I referenced this post so you can see where to add Device Properties in Config.plist for the whiskey lake graphics. you can also try...
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    Dell Inspiron 7580 (15" i7-8565U + UHD620 Whiskey Lake) reference this thread. should help
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    SMBios 19.x - iMacs 2019

    thanks for response. I've been using iMac pro 1,1 for sometime now, do you think ill see any difference in performance, rendering etc...? if I were to switch to iMac 18,xx?
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    SMBios 19.x - iMacs 2019

    @pastrychef can iMac 19,x be used for 8700k z-370 on 10.13.6? I have Nvidia card so cannot use Mojave at the moment
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    [solved] External drives not ejected properly after sleep

    found in bios to ENABLE usb power share prevents eject disk error, although it will only prevent error when connected to ac power. note that when connected to ac power and usb power share enabled, laptop will NOT fully sleep, but will prevent the eject disk error. when on battery power, laptop...
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    Post macOS/OS X Geekbench Benchmarks

    HacBookPro4k:Updated BIOS To ***MBP 15,1. CPU under volted and draining LESS power causing my CPU to operate at highest processing level and still give around 6 hours on battery.
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    SOLVED {Help} Overclock Laptop Cpu

    does anyone have a DETAILED way of overclocking laptop cpu? I was using Voltageshift to lower temps and save power, once I UN-installed it, my cpu is ALWAYS in energy saving mode. update: Switched to SMBIOS MBP 15,1; Processor then was draining a lot of power. Installed VoltageShift.kext set...
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    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9360 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.x - LTS (Long-Term Support) Guide

    been watching this thread for a while, wanted to ask how you overclock the 8550u? and set frequency for each core? 800mhz idle? I've undervalued the cpu already but can't seem to find where and how to overclock it exactly. thanks
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    Dell Inspiron 7586 / I7-8565U /Intel UHD 620

    tried this method with dell 7573 alc295, headphones show connection but audio doesn't play through headset. are you experiencing this issue?
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    Solved > Screen Flickers

    I know either of these systems. Hackintosh is my first dip into these things. me thinking linux is like Mac OS shows you just how LITTLE I really know lol
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    Solved > Screen Flickers

    happy hacking. update status of post tomorrow
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    Solved > Screen Flickers

    hopefully one of the mods will come save the day. I kinda thought linux knowledge would've made this easier for you. hope it works out.
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    Solved > Screen Flickers

    we can. try it for 5 or 10 minutes just to cancel out this method if need be
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    Solved > Screen Flickers

    at least we're attacking from ALL angles :crazy:. and 2048mb of vram never hurt nobody either