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    UniBeast 5.0 Update

    Intel DX38BT,Q9300, 9GB ram, Quadro Fx570 success! Thank you Tony and everyone who contributed. For sound I had to download latest Voodoo HDA as none of the Multibeast ones worked on the MB. Thanks again!
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    Intel DX38BT Snow Leopard install

    Got Yosemite working :) PM for details if you still need them.
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    UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Intel DX38BT MB, Intel Q9300 Cpu, 9Gb Ram, Nvidia Fx570 - Mavericks works great. Thank you Tonymac ! Installed 10.6 -> 10.6.8 -> 10.6.8 install fix -> 10.9 using Unibeast, Multibeast(w/o EliottRTC - caused panic on previous installs). Not working: I`m still booting from USB, will get Chimera...