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    MacTester57's HemiMac G4

    The HemiMac was still running fine on 10.12.6 and Clover, used by the kids, but today it was time to do a major update: It's now running 10.15.7, using Open Core 0.6.6. Everything appears to work great, except WiFi / BT. Of course I could change the WiFi / BT card, but the kids don't need it...
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    PowerHack i3 Cube

    Nice work and thanks for the mention.
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    Cube Modding - X99 / E5-2620 V3 / Quadro K2000D / BD-RW

    Well done, congratulations!
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    MacTester57's iMac G5 17" (A1058 Model)

    Any news?
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    Kiwi's Next Project - iMac G5

    Unfortunately, kiwi did not finish this project. So I have finished the software and designed my own SMC board. Have a look here: The SMC kit in the first post includes software (Arduino sketch, libraries, Xcode...
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    Power Mac G4 Cube Intel Reloaded Edition - my 2nd Hackintosh Case Mod

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. The supply cap is 1000uF / 6.3V. The coupling caps on the PCM2704 board were bridged, because the amplifier board also has coupling caps. MacTester BTW: I've added a Cube review video to post #1
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    MacTester57's iMac G5 17" (A1058 Model)

    You made a great progress so far! To prevent your USB hub from smoking, have a look here: #54 Does the WTV020 module work, if wired outside the SMC board? Looks like you already added the missing GND wire. The SD card compatibility is a bit of a problem. To rid off the Audio hum, have a look...
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    Mac Audio - my Hackintosh based Music Player

    I've added a video to post #1 MacTester
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    The World's Most Powerful iMac far...

    Well done! :thumbup: It's a rocket, but I still feel comfortable with my NUC based "HemiMac" mod:
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    iMac G4 display mod: alternative PSU questions (for Mactester57 ersterhernd or Rick26)

    Maybe, there is an SMD type fuse on the inverter PCB?
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    MacTester57's HemiMac G4

    If you put a Hackintosh inside. Otherwise, no way. You should start to read the basics of Hackintoshing in this forum.
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    My PiMac Build (2008 20" iMac)

    The first iMac mod for a long time. Well done! MacTester
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    MacTester57's HemiMac G4

    I think, you should start with an easy standard case or a G3 or G4 tower. They are relatively easy to mod. Good luck MacTester BTW: here is the newest video, showing my iMac G4 "HemiMac" and the G5, running Sierra 10.12
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    MOST POWERFUL CUBE BUILD EVER - Intel Kaby Lake i7 - Apple Power Mac G4 Cube Build

    Thanks for the mention. I'm glad, that my video inspired you: I think, that this fat GPU will not fit inside the cube. Also keep in mind, that cooling is a critical point in a Cube. I would recommend to start without a dedicated GPU and use the integrated GPU instead. They are good enough for...
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    Power Mac G4 Cube Intel Reloaded Edition - my 2nd Hackintosh Case Mod

    I have now finished a new "2.0" version of the Pro Speakers USB conversion It uses a PAM8403 Class D amplifier board. They are available for about nothing on eBay. The audio signal comes from a USB sound adapter. The sound quality is much better than with the old version. Attached are some...